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Text for Page 125 [12-27-1856]

all that women are so merciless towards the impure
of their own sex.       For these are their natural
enemies � sworn to increasing antagonism to all that
the others hold dearest � lawful, wedded love.
  I believe I was intended to be a very green fel-
low.    I have an approbative faculty for believing in
people, and generally am willing to take a person at
his or own [word crossed out] price � unless it be a palpably absurd
one.     And this, generally, rules my conduct towards
them.         It is only afterwards, in cold blood, when
I�m removed from the magnetism of sympathy and
sociality that I can reckon them up, truly.   Intel-
lect has fair play them.               Now I had involun-
tarily given O�Brien credit for some ability with his
pen.    Only the other might, when at Bellew�s, in con-
versation I happen to speak to of two insufferably               
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