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Text for Page 126 [12-27-1856]

trashy stories in Harper�s, when I learnt that O�Brien
was the author of them!        Had he chanced to
have been present I should have come out with my
condemnation as largely, never supposing he could
have written such trash.     After all, one�s
predispositions to like or dislike are pretty often justi-
  Haney said a good thing to-night.    We were tal-
king of the �Marble Heart� (Les Filles de Morbre�)
�Some women� said he, �have marble enough in their
hearts to make tombstones for their husbands.�
�You looked at me, as you said that!� said Mrs
Levison. ��
  She�s not a bad sort of woman.     Only she has
no love and no religion.   /   How horribly absurd
that reads)        She looks prettyish, at times
  Levison is only weak.  That�s the best and worst
that can be said of him.
  28.  Sunday.   In doors all day.
Had a letter from Mr Greatbatch yesterday.
Very ungrammatical, a little ill-spelt, and friendly.
All pretty well, or no complaint of sickness.
Details of prairie-farming life.      The season
�not an average one�, in consequence of summer
  {29.  Monday.       Each day to the Office
  30.  Tuesday.       as usual, and in-doors
  31.  Wednesday.}       during the evenings, writing               
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