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Text for Page 150 [08-05-1850]

              5. Monday.  Wrote to M ��Patience is stale, and I am weary of it.�
The remainder of the day making drawing of the scene of Brooklyn
conflagration.     Evening. Leaving Brown inditing a letter to his lady-
love, whom he, this morning, saw depart for Boston; � to Duane.
From there with Mapother to Laurie�s, where we found Mr Hart. Leaving
him, together walked to Spruce, the scene of a to-day tumbled well,
and men killed by it.    Bit of a walk after.
  6. Monday.   Called at Duane St, and out with Mr Hart. Purchased
mosquito net to put over the bed.       Calls, at the �Life� Office seeing Mat-
tice: then to Orrs, the Post Office, and the Era Office.  Out with
Picton, drank with him.       Then together with Mr Hart to Laurie�s.
In-doors all the afternoon.       Evening a ramble, Broadway, the
Bowery, (quaint picture at the Fancy Fair there, Callot�s temptation of
Saint Anthony, fine diabolisms.       Thunder and rain storm going home.
  7. Wednesday.  To the �Life� Office, and there till 4 in the after-
noon, Mattice wanting me to write up the notices to correspondents, the
other one not up to the mark in point of Time.       Called at Nassau
seeing Engraver Baker and Mr Morse, returning.      Evening in-
doors, writing in company with Brown, he sometime reading Chuzzle-
wit, sometime writing to his ladye love.       Joe and Mapother called.
  8. Thursday.  At work on a drawing of the B�hoys running
wid der Masheene�, all day.  At night to Holts, and out with
Martin, Mr Hart, Mapother and Joe for a stroll about Broadway.               
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