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Text for Page 130 [12-31-1856]

ter � who visits her � says she has �a fine mind�,
and reads considerably.     The woman has relatives,
nephews and nieces &c, and ought to be petting
them, instead of leading such a wretched-old-magpie
existence.       What her hopes of the New Year are
the Lord knows.      (I think Mrs Potter has tes-
tamentary designs on her � and, really, she ought
to leave her some money, for her complaisance for
many years.)                   What are Mrs P�s hopes
for the future?      A larger and more money making
boarding house, perhaps.    She deserves it, and much
more.       I�m not sure but that Mrs P is just the
best woman in the house.              Then there�s her
old mother.    Her wishes, if she has any, must be
very dim indeed!
  Haney�s out, and Scotch Leslie.          The former
would  wish for a wife and a home � the latter
more money, and then a wife and home.
  There�s Sol Eytinge, too, in the basement.  But
his wishes would not extend beyond money enough
to pay for drinks and billiards for the current evening.
  For myself, what would I fain hope that 1857
would bring me?
  Well, I�d like the �Physiology of N. Y. Board-
ing Houses� to be a great success. But I don�t
hope it � or only occasionally.    I�d like my present
berth on the �European� to continue.    And � ah! 
I would to Heaven I could hope to be successful               
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