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Text for Page 131 [12-31-1856]

enough to marry Hannah!    But, oh lord! that
seems horribly distant yet.      I think it will come
some day.
               x              x             x           x          x
  Ah dear Charles Lamb, � thou who, four years
before I was born, sattest down on the last day of
1820, to pen thy love of life, and of this beautiful
earth, of books and friends, of innocent vanities,
of irony �� as also thy most  human
repugnance to the vague  hereafter � thou
knowest all about it now!             Thou, and those
that loved thee � how they must have loved thee �
have drifted into that solemn bourne to which
we are, also, speeding.     It is very sorrowful.    It
is very sorrowful.
  I cling to this green earth also.
              x           x           x            x
  And the ghosts of past Old Years rise up
around me, just now.  What a crowd of faces.
And one of them I shall recall, at times, until
my dying day.      I would to God I could love
Hannah as I did love Mary Bilton. She deserves it
better.        x           x           x            x
  There�s a wretched ass of a Yankee firing off a
gun or pistol � in celebration of the death of the old
year!        The paradise of such people would be where
they could let off fire works to all eternity.      May
the Devil give �em enough of them.     And so Vale Old Year!               
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