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Text for Page 133 [01-01-1857]

  1.  Thursday.      Down town to the Office, and
remained there till 1, in company with the Colonel.
Then to Brooklyn and Parton�s where I arri-
ved just after he and Haney had started for
New York.    Stopped and talked with �Fanny�,
her daughter and Miss J till towards sunset,
and then returned per Gouverneur St Ferry to
New York.    The wintry streets full of �callers�.
Met Pounden.       A late dinner at our place (6 1/2.)
Did not stir abroad subsequent, dropped in at
Levison�s &c, and to bed earlyish.
  2.  Friday.    A letter from Alf Waud.
All right.   Dilatoriness the cause of his lack of 
response.     All the drawings sent for my book are
engraved, more demanded.       Andrew busy and
wants me to catch him two wood-peckers for Boston
consumption.     Wurzbach returns from Germany
in summer.             Alf has had a row with Damo-
rean originating in �a good-humored� push of the
former�s.        They fought a round or so, coats off.
Andrew wants me to collect a debt from the Appleton�s.
 /       Down town.   Sent off a fresh lot of drawings per
express,      to the Pic Office,     met Weed (told him
of the demand for wood-peckers) then to Office.
Evening dropped in at Jewell�s, and wrote to Alf.
  3.  Saturday.       A book from Andrew arrived               
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