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Text for Page 134 [01-03-1857]

per post, with proofs and the Appletonian bill to
collect.     Down town through the fast-falling snow,
(meeting Halsey one of my �Washington� ship-mates by
the way,)   dropped in at Appleton�s and had a 
little cool conversational sparring with certain mem-
bers of that enterprising firm of high-minded sneaks,
then down town and telegraphed three curt sentences to
Andrew, as to how to get his money � the debtor being
that day only in Boston.      To Office.          Down
town again in the afternoon for $.        Snow everywhere.
Met Holbrook (of the defunct �Traveller�.)    He recogni-
zed and accosted me, spoke of his intention of
going West in spring, and said he had received
a newspaper from Australia with an advertisment
of Lockington�s in it.  (The little scamp had sent it.)
  4.  Sunday.  Banks came up to my room.
He was rather conciliatory and less impudent than
is his amiable wont � he only talked a great deal,
wanted, first, to carry away a book, then asked
for liquor, and finally was content with a mouthful
of tobacco.    He depreciated his book, praised Arnold
as the greatest of writers, and puffed his own powers
of business, and then � left.             Kelly called in
the afternoon, and accompanied me part of the way
to Bellew�s, where I stayed till 10, he working
all the time.
  5.  Monday.   Office.     Out, at night to boot-
makers.   Writing to my mother.               
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