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Text for Page 135 [01-06-1857]

  {6.  Tuesday       Office; and evenings in-doors
  7.  Wednesday}
writing.  Sent another letter to Alf with $2 for wood
in it.         Levison�s child is sick of the scarlet fever.
He�s very anxious about it.     I�m sorry for the man,
knowing at the same time that had it appeared in
another person, his extreme dread of infection would have
made him anxious to have �em out of the house.
  8.  Thursday.  Office, morning and afternoon.
Sickish and headachy, as I�ve been for the last week,
with occasional returns of �spinal irritation.�    So got
some strychnine and alcohol again.            Had a letter
from Barth yesterday.                Met Charley Brown�s sis-
ter in Broadway, arrived from Springfield.           All
of her relatives appear to �let her alone.�    Albert, she
says, is in Texas.               In doors writing, at night.
  9.  Friday.  Office.  (Editorial in the Tribune
about us.)      Writing all the afternoon and evening.
Letters to Barth and to Andrew.           Called in at
Mason�s today.
  10.  Saturday .  Office.     Afternoon in doors,
sick and weary.  A letter from Alf, with no mention
of what I am chiefly in need of and have written again
and again for � a list of such drawings as he has done
or I asked him to do.          Called at Jewells in the
  11.  Sunday.  To Bellew�s in the morning.
In doors the rest of the day.               
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