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Text for Page 136 [01-12-1857]

  12.  Monday .     Office.   A new hand engaged,
one Paterson, and English � or as I think Scotch �
ex-Chartist who has been imprisoned in England
for �blasphemy.�   What queer jumblings up of
individuals are there in life.     Colonel Hugh Forbes
the born aristocrat � bred almost in the Palace � as-
sociated on a newspaper with a Chartist!       Writing
during the evening.     Illish still.
  13.  Tuesday.   Down town to Water Street there
to get address of Pounden�s bootmaker.     Office.
A letter from Dillon Mapother.  (He fairly backs
out of the chaffy political controversy we�ve held for
the last letter or so, and says he gives up �trying
to convert a natural born abolitionist.�   Ha! ha!
A letter from Boutcher on my return from Office.
News of folks.     George Clarke has been to law
in the Exchequer Court with the trustees of the
Leamington Schools (anent a �successful� competition
of his)  and �through the folly of Worthington�) George�s
partner in the affair)� and a lawyer�s quibble
lost his cause.�    Says Boutcher �the manner in
which Worthington was going to instruct �My Lord�
would have been amusing if it had not been so deadly
to poor George.     I had previously counselled him
strongly to use only words of one syllable but the
presence of so many learned friends inspired him
to darings flights with Icarus� (like) �results.   He
would allude to his �preamble� meaning his diary (!!)               
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