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Text for Page 137 [01-13-1857]

and say that the statements of a witness were �ex-
asperated (exaggerated.)   On being asked what he
meant by agreeing to take a �nominal� sum he
said � 150!! instead of the � 180 sued for.
  Then vague ideas approached� (?entered) �his noddle
that he had made a slip, and the attempt at
extrication being continued in words of three sylla-
bles confusion became worse confounded, his notions
were stirred and his ignorance steamed out.    The
counsel for the defense, badgered him, exposed his
raw and put salt and pepper thereon.  x   x   x   Their
head cousel � one Edwin James 2. C. � also played
a barrister�s trick � took their money and never ap-
peared leaving them to another who hadn�t read the
brief.   George bears it like a man.�      Boutcher
doubts the possibility of starting his Diorama, through
lack of funds, talks of an �Essay on Cuneiform
writing� he has done, of his having made sketches for
the Lord Mayor�s nephew &c, and thinks of emi-
grating to Canada.         ( � Tis odd � since my last
talks in England with George Bolton, my inclinations
have consistently pointed Canada wards.    Maybe Bout-
cher and I will be neighbours there.)               Old
Allom is married to �a blushing damsel of forty.�
  Mrs Storr (Amy) has held her �at home� two
days and �seems jolly.�    Young Arthur � the little
snob � �still talks mysteriously of some important
job of his to ignite the Thames and roust all the               
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