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Text for Page 138 [01-13-1857]

minnows.�       Jack Boutcher is doing pretty well in
his new business, has a snug little house in Starch
Green, buys pigeons which strangers shoot when
he lets �em out and keeps lots of fowls which
won�t lay eggs.     He is now father of a girl who
sleeps quietly under the infliction of �the brutal name
of Jane Elizabeth.�
  14.  Wednesday.    Office.   Writing at night.
  15.  Thursday.  Going down Broadway in company
with Haney this morning, as I stopped opposite to the 
site of what was once the Irving House, an ingenious
attempt at petty imposition was practiced upon me.
I had produced my pocket book to pay for a paper
when a bulky-looking fellow dressed like a laboring
man, with blue overalls, little gaiters, and cap addres-
sing me with a thick Irish brogue inquired if I were
not a farmer and whether I couldn�t give him
a little job or so.        I being alive to the dodge
asked him whether I looked like a farmer &c,
upon which he went on to say that had�nt had
any breakfast, �wouldn�t I give him six pence?�
  Now Parton had been twice accosted by this 
very knave last winter, having relieved him the
first time.      The fellow then, as now, carried
over his shoulder a shovel and a very clean basket.
  On mentioning the dodge to Haney he slink
off, accepting his position as rogue instantly!
  Office.        Writing in the evening.               
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