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Text for Page 141 [01-27-1857]

gular martyrs to the cause of Atheism gained
their end.     In 1845 Lord Campbell brought
a bill into Parliament expressly to meet their
cases, taking the power of prosecution from the hands
of the clergy and vesting it in the Attorney general
with this restriction �That no man be prosecuted
for his honest convictions.     The Atheists of Britain
have now six or seven recognized organs and seventy
five halls for lectures.                         Paterson appears
to have emigrated here very shortly afterwards, and
just at that time seeing articles by that scoundrel
and father of �Native Americanism� �Ned Buntline�
against Englishmen, he answered  them in a
letter to the �Tribune�.   �Ned� was then at the cul-
minating point of his career, and discovering the
author of the attack on him denounced Paterson
after his accustomed scurrility.     Wherefore the
Scotchman started a cheap paper especially to
demolish �the notorious hypocrite and scoundrel Ned
Buntline.�     How Paterson got put in the Tombs
and held at ridiculously heavy bail, how �Ned�s�
unhappy wife � a silly and romantic English girl
who had been attracted to the scamp�s affectation of
romance &c � and her parents (who had supplied
�Ned� with large sums of money to start his
wretched paper) came forwards to Paterson�s as-
sistance giving him details as to the enemy�s career
and conduct � how the indefatigable Scotchman               
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