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Text for Page 143 [01-27-1857]

Poor creature.   What a life!  what a conclusion!
  Her late paramour Sol Eytinge seems not much
troubled by it.     He consorts with Cahill, appears
but little at table and talks of giving up his
basement quarters, but hasn�t energy enough to mention
his desire to Mrs Potter.           I think I might live
two centuries in the same house with him without
any desire to renew our acquaintance.
  I hear nothing from Alf Waud, in spite of
my urgent entreaty for necessary information about
my drawings.        He�ll write � when he wants something
  Rawson Gill has returned from Nicaragua.
Country unsettled in consequence of Walkerizations �
and his mother didn�t sent him any money.      She was
�going to�, though.
  Pounden is a father.  Leapt out of a big Broadway
sleigh to tell me so, and dined with me subsequently.
  Wrote to mine own dear Hannah on the day
and next one to that on which I got her letter.
   Called on Bellew twice.             Not very well
of late, and wearyish.         Saw the Jewell�s this
morning, being summoned by window tapping as I
passed.                      Met Swinton some three days
back.     He has a farm in the interior of Staten
Island now, does some wood-pecking but more
agriculturalizing.            Wrote to Andrew asking
for information about cuts.               
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