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Text for Page 144 [01-28-1857]

  28.  Wednesday.   A scrawl from Andrew not
in answer to mine, but about the Appletonian debt.
Office, (meeting Cahill by the way.)      Paterson
edited a Chinese newspaper in California, one
column only being printed � or rather lithographed �
in English, the remainder being published in the
native character.    He describes the Celestials as
a very ill-used community.        /     Writing part
of the evening.
  29.  Thursday.   Office both morning and after-
noon.  Very busy.     Streets unspeakably filthy,
and ancle deep, crossings hardly fordable and
my big thigh-boots a luxury.      Met Pounden.
  30.  Friday.   Office.   Saw Welden who
asked about �that fellow (!) Forbes.�
  Ellen Levison is dead.         I learnt it this af-
ternoon of the servant girl, who coming into my
room, told me.      Her disease � which had grown
into typhoid � took an unfavorable turn yester-
day, and this morning poor Levison spoke of
her vomiting blood and said he didn�t expect she
would outlive the day.        She died ere his return.
  I hardly think the poor child�s existence would
have proved a happy or healthy one.   But such
events � disease, suffering, death � trouble one.
Human nature recoils from them and piteously
asks why.         It seems a waste of life and hope.
I knew well enough that good grows out of               
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