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Text for Page 145 [01-30-1857]

graves, and that love and kindness are immortal
�but why should they have their berth in pain and
sorrow?    God knows.         There is mystery all
round us � mystery, mystery ��
  It is a dark, mild night as I sit writing;
with few, not overbright, stars shining.    What
an awe has settled down on the memory of the
dead child, already.        The elements were not
kindly mixed in her � but she had life and
youth, and one can�t be indifferent to a child
altogether ��             O poor fellow mortals let
us love and forgive one another � there�s no time
for quarreling here.   Our turn will come swift
enough.       We shall drift out into that awful
shoreless sea which has swallowed so much
that was kind and wise and good ��     Chaucer
and Shakspere and Lamb ��
  O to know what that dead child does � perchance
� by this time!          Patience � the
knowledge will come soon enough.
  Levison will be very desolate � for a time.  The
man had not too much happiness before.   And now
his only child is gone ��
  31.  Saturday  .        Office.  Broadway is its
vilest winters attire, street crossings mid leg deep in
snow mire and sidewalks filled with pools of filthy
water, a steady, persistent drizzle falling.      Took
Levison�s hat to the hatters to have crape put on it.               
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