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Text for Page 146 [01-31-1857]

Returning to Bleecker Street found a letter
from Alf Waud with some information.    Wrote
an answer

  1. Sunday.   Ellen Levison�s funeral.  By
noon upwards of fifty persons � of whom the majority
were women � had assembled in the large front
parlor.     The coffin lay in the hall, the upper
part of it being uncovered.  So that � though rather
willing to recollect the child as she had been run-
ning about the house, a month ago than lying stark and cold in her coffin � I caught a
glimpse of her face.       It seemed more matured than
during life : one might have imagined her eighteen
or twenty.   There was a horrid smear of blood on
the lips, and a wreath on the coffin lid.           In
the parlor many of the women had clustered round
the colored photograph of the dead child and her
mother. (I recollect her bringing it to me on the 
night of the new year, when I was in Levison�s
room.)   All the company being assembled, poor Levi
son came in, with his wife; both in deep mourning
costume, and she crying bitterly.    Then Chapin
who had officiated as master of the ceremonies, ad
vanced to the centre, turned his back to the fire
place and commenced.       First he read appropriate
passages from the bible, and then addressed the               
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