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Text for Page 148 [02-01-1857]

and Rawson Gill walked.   It was to no great dis-
tance.    Up Bleecker Street, through the miry snow
crossings and over the slippery side-walks, into Carmine.
A few blocks southward, and then down steps and
a narrow passage to the rear of a church, where within
a dank looking vault the coffin was deposited.   ( It
will be conveyed to Greenwood in the spring.)      The
people stood peeping in awhile, and then we turned
and retraced our steps.         It was a mild clear day
overhead, and the sun shone brightly.
  Mrs L didn�t appear at dinner, nor any more
that day.    Levison did, and tried, bravely enough to
put a stout heart on the matter.      But the man is
sadly cut up about it.       I�m very sorry for him.   Every
body is, and will feel kinder towards him than usual
for a time.
  To Bellew�s for an hour or so, at night.
  2.  Monday.    Office.     Afternoon and evening
writing.   A letter from Andrew with proofs of cuts.
  {3.  Tuesday to       Office as usual.  The Colonel
  7.  Saturday.}       tells me, one morning, my servi-
ces won�t be required next week as �they wish to retrench
expenses.�      Paterson is absent for the greater
portion of this week in consequence of the death of one
of his children and the sickness of others.        Weather
atrocious, mud-mid-leg deep in the streets, with
rivers of slush.       Myself, individually, out of sorts,
bad cold, rocking nervous headaches, sore throat, perpetual               
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