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Text for Page 152 [08-11-1850]

              11. Sunday.   Morning mis-spent by going to the Battery. There reading
Zanoni.        Met Frank Royal, and afterwards Hunter.        With
the latter walked back, looking into the Astor House in out way. Called
at Mr Harts.      Reading all the afternoon. Evening with Mr Hart &
Martin to Hoboken, and a ramble there. Glorious sunset.
  (What an absurdity have I perpetrated in yesterdays chronicle, writing
down Mapother as Basmaison � verily he is like him.
  12. Monday. In-doors all day, reading and matagrabolized.
Sitting with Brown during the evening, Joe called, (to borrow $2)
  13. Tuesday.    To the �Life� Office. Mattice still down east;
engaged by Van Fleet to scribble a little there.  At it all the morning.
Afternoon down town again.   Calling in at the �Atlas� Office disposed of the
sketch of �the B�hoys running with the masheene.�   To Wells & Webb ;
to Wall Street ; then to the �Life� Office.   Writing all the afternoon.
Evening in doors ; a terrific rain and lightning storm out.    In com-
pany with Brown; whom I am learning to like more and more.
  14. Wednesday.  To the �Life� Office, calling once or twice
at Badeans. Afternoon the same, and about Nassau. Returned
very blue devilled; � heartily weary of this �holding-on� desultory
life; � so heart sick of it, and of the dim future, and impa-
tiently angry with myself for not doing what perchance I could
not � (striking out into some better sphere;) � that I veritably
felt curious of the carmen and bricklayers in the street,
at their stated, fairly recompensed toil.    Ah me, for how               
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