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Text for Page 149 [02-07-1857]

weariness of limbs, insomuch that t�is tiresome to
stand erect, or almost to sit.             Levison is sick
of dropsy � said to be dangerously so.  He has scarcely
ventured abroad since his child�s death.     Mrs L
seems quite impassive as to that event, and but
for her black dress one would not surmise her recent 
loss.            Cahill has taken up joint-abose with
Sol Eytinge in the basement.   He has employ at the
Picayune Ofice.              New York is just now en-
veloped in a murder-atmosphere, in consequence
of the peculiarly atrocious butchery of a certain Bond
Street dentist, who on last Friday night was assasina-
ted in his office.       The papers are overfull of it,
and nothing else is talked about high or low.
So on Thursday noon comes that little low Londoner
Watson to me, at the �European� Office requesting
me to go to that of the �Sunday Courier� to confer
about getting a portrait of the (presumed) murderess.
I comply, see Smith, go to the City Hall, have
an interview with Marsell, the Chief of Police and
got �telegraphed up� to the 15th Ward Station House,
there obtaining an order of admission to the house at
which the Inquest is in progress.         A rabblement as-
sembled outside hailing visitors by the names of the
supposed accomplices and setting up shouts of envy and
execration as they are admitted.        Policemen in the
hall, policemen on the staircase, and policemen �
and a crowd of others � in the lower rooms.  The               
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