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Text for Page 150 [02-07-1857]

Inquest in operation in the rear-parlor, Coroner sit-
ting at the further end of a large table which was
surrounded by reporters (among whom I recognized
acquaintances) and a crowd of lookers on.     Little
Edge in spectacles, high boots and a great state of 
glory accosted me.     Nothing effected this time,
nor yet on a 6 P. M. visit, when I was intro-
duced to the coroner.   On the following morning
tried again, and after waiting two hours and a half
was successful.   First, however, I was taken up-
stairs to the scene of the murder � a back room, over
the parlor.   The horror of the deed was
strongly impressed on one, on witnessing its evidences �
a great blood-stain on the carpet, dots and splash-
es in the walls, wainscot and doors. (   The mur-
dered man � an individual of loose life and despicable
character � had upwards of fifteen stabs upon his boy,
one penetrating the heart, another dividing the jugular.
There had been a preliminary attempt to strangle
him.)                  My expectation had been obtaining
a daguerreotype of the woman, but that not being
forthcoming, I had to go up in company with the
deputy-Coroner and take a look at her.          A
policeman guarded the door, where she, her
daughters (who are also implicated) and sons (two
boys of 9 and 10) are confined, on the third floor.
  They have two rooms, through the larger of which
we passed, the girls � two of them rather tall               
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