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Text for Page 151 [02-07-1857]

and good-looking � rising and going towards
their mother, who came forwards.      The woman
is about forty-five, had dark hair and eyes, a
face inclining to oval, no-wise prominent or pe-
culiar features but a most marked and appalling
expression of countenance.   It is at once worldly
and remorseless.         Her mouth, too, is very charac-
teristic, the lips being thin and set.               She stared
fixedly for a moment or so, and then we re-
tired.     I shall hardly forget the countenance of
Mrs Cunningham.                Frank Leslie was
down stairs with Brady; and others whom I
knew.       Made my drawing that evening.     The
Jewells knew Burdell � the murdered man � employ-
ing him professionally, and Mrs had even projected
visiting him on the day subsequent to the murder
with the view of hiring the house.  Of course
Selina and her mother were full of the murder
� as all New York is.      I never knew any sensa-
tion (of the kind) to compare with it, in universa-
lity.                              Met Lotty walking with
a female companion in Bleecker Street one day
this week.        She asked my address saying she
wanted to call.        I gave it knowing she wouldn�t.
  8.  Sunday.   Called at Bellew�s in the
morning.    In doors the rest of the day.
  9.  Monday.  Down town.   Met Edge.   To �Cou-
rier� & �European� Offices &c.     Called at Jewell�s               
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