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Text for Page 152 [02-09-1857]

in the evening, and at Edwardses.
  10.  Tuesday.    Down town in the morning.
Writing in the afternoon.
  Sick in mind and body all this last week.
  11.  Wednesday.   To the �Courier� Office in the
  12.  Thursday.   Called at Bellew�s.
Levison is so sick, now, that Haney and others
fear he will not survive.       He lies on a sofa-bed
propped up by pillows into a sitting position, his
limbs painfully swollen, and the dropsy has reached
his chest.      When he dozes � being exceedingly in
want of sleep � his head declines forwards, unless
sustained.      Martin has visited and prayed
with him, Chapin being out of town.
  13.  Friday.   In doors till evening, writing.
Then to Bellew�s.
  14.  Saturday.   Down town calls.   Met
Welden and others.
  15. Sunday.   In the afternoon crossed to
Brooklyn, and, after a muddy walk, to Parton�s,
meeting the folks on their threshold.   All as usual,
Parton enthusiastic about human nature and interested
in his book, Fanny chatty and the girls handsome.
Was told how Walt Whitman has borrowed $300 
of Parton and failed to meet his note for it.    The
money was lent with especial understanding that it was
to be refunded at a certain date � since which some-               
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