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Text for Page 153 [02-15-1857]

-thing like twelve days has elapsed. Walt has been
written to sans response.        It would appear there�s
reason for suspecting the great �Kosmos� to be a great
  Hannah is thinking of me to-day.     It�s my birth-
  {16.  Monday.        Passed dully and variously.
  17. Tuesday       At Bellew�s once or twice about
  18.  Wednesday       drawings for my book.  Down
  19.  Thursday.}       town sending them off, purchasing
wood &c.    Writing �Autobiography of a Dollar,� and
correcting Physiology.      Not very well, and generally
nervous and � low-spirited.          The first two days
lovely overhead and incredibly miry under foot, the
latter informly miserable.            An atmosphere of
mist, mud, murder and misery enveloping New
York of late.      I feel night-mared with it.     A
house burnt down just a blocks distance from
ours, and a man and woman consumed in it.
  Levison lies sick as may be.   He has three (or
four)  homeopathic physicians, but they appear to be
of no more avail to him than to his dead child.
He suffers very much at times, and is delirious.
He was besought the physicians, pitfully, to save
him.     Haney and others sit up by him each night.
Mrs L is singularly composed, though I don�t doubt
she does all she can for her husband.         Mrs Potter
is, also, in frequent attendance.               
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