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Text for Page 158 [02-21-1857]

room adjoining the Levison�s sitting apartment,
(in which were Mrs L and a female friend.
She was perfectly calm and collected.)  M�ller
is a good-humored, egotistic little German, who
talked of his �Minstrel�s Curse� group (from Uhland)
reached at this country and talked about Kiss,
the sculptor,     Horace Vernet, Johann�t &c as
charlatans and mountebanks.                Down town.
To �European� & �Picayune� Offices, finding
Paterson and Andre at the former and Haney
at the latter. (It struck one sadly to see Levison�s
desk unoccupied.)    Haney in black and unwanted
droppers in.        To Post Office and the wood peckers in
Spruce Street.        All talking kindly of Levison.
  Of course it is the topic at our house.       Mrs L
has hitherto been accompanied by a Miss M�Geary,
a drawling inane faced girl.           The mother and
a younger sister came on from Philadelphia this
afternoon.     The latter you would call a good-looking
girl if her mother didn�t sit beside her and in-
voluntarily suggest what she will be.
  22. Sunday.    A lovely spring day, the sky
blue overhead, the sun shining and the air soft and
sweet.       A walk through Washington Square and
up the Fifth Avenue, (meeting the church-goers)
to Bellews.     There till 1 1/2, when he returned
with me to Bleecker Street, to the funeral.
Both parlors were rapidly filling with people, the               
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