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Text for Page 161 [02-22-1857]

despair and outcries and drunkenness.     It is
as though when the King of Terrors came they all
threw themselves prostrate, yelling with insane
grief and terror.                                    I would be
sorry to pass harsh judgment, and I am sure
Haney feels Levison�s death deeply.    But on Friday
night, at the supper table, he, Sol Eytinge
and Cahill were laughing and cutting jokes.  And
Levison lay stark and cold upstairs!
  It might be the result of overstrained feeling � re-
action.   But I did not think so at the time.     At
the funeral, when at Greenwood, Haney had to
be carried by two men back to the carriage, his
violent grief had so un-manned him.     Doesticks
took him home with him to dinner.     Mrs
Levison didn�t shed a tear.      Cahill, who told this
on his return, said he �would have preferred seeing
her give way to the wildest expressions of &c &c�
�it was the silent grief that kills.�           Bah!  What
a deal of hypocrisy goes to make up every matter
of importance in life.       Of course it�s correct to
believe in this huge unspoken sorrow � which we don�t
see � it would be brutal to do otherwise!        But
how if it don�t exist?     If the woman have no love
in her heart?                  As I stood by Bellew
amid the crowd of spectators, one of them whis-
pered to me �It�ll be long before we get another
as good as him.�    What answer could I make               
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