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Text for Page 163 [02-23-1857]

ratively new-comers.  The mother is a good humored
elderly widow who has a house at Hudson, but
prefers New York during the winter months.   The
girl is young, has delicate health, is extremely short-
sighted, of a slim fragile figure, but possesses a
pleasant and intelligent face.     She has read more
than any girl I ever met, and very promiscuously.
(I don�t know that she�s disgested any of it.)    At
present a sentimental flirtation is in progress bet-
ween her and the tall Scotchman, Leslie.     He is
very far gone, and would, I believe, commit himself
irretrievably but for a wholesomely practical ap-
prehension of her feebleness of constitution.    They
have hour-and-a half tete-� tetes in the morning,
(being both late breakfasters) and sit together all
the evenings.      He has esquired her to the theatre,
and supplementary supper.
 {From 24, Tuesday, to.      Sickness, scribbling.
  28  Saturday, closing}       goings bitter and
the Mouth.   Thither, callings down and uptown.
Received a letter from my mother and Rosa
and replied to both.        Much revision of book
and occasional ragings at absence of all intelli-
gence about cuts from Boston.        Things
going on much as usual in the house.    Mrs
Levison has her younger sister staying with
her, projects selling off furniture and flitting,
first to her natal Philadelphia.            Haney,               
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