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Text for Page 164 [02-28-1857]

assisted by Cahill conducts the paper.    Poor
old Levison�s memory already speeding post-haste
to oblivion.    So anxious about his poor paper,
too, as the man was, that each day�s detail
life brings him prominently before me.      The
folks chatter and tattle at table as usual,
and each day rubs on.   Well they�re right,
perhaps.  �Eat and drink for to-morrow you
die!� � and people forget you.      Haney is very
busy, projects a new office in May &c.  Mrs
Levison misses her dead husband�s squiring her
to theatres, his ready purse, and patience
and kindness � and that�s all.            God grant
I may have somebody to love me when I die!
  1.  Sunday.   To Bellew�s, morning
and evening.    Made an agreement to come and
work for him, for $ 15 weekly, commencing
  2.  Monday.   A violent snow-storm, being
a relapse into that of January.       At Bellew�s
all day till 6, drawing, with a sick headache.
He at work also.    Two other persons present.
One Whelpley ex-editor of Democratic Review,
and literary man.      He has just returned from
nine Nicaraguan mouths, and denounces Walker               
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