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Text for Page 165 [03-02-1857]

as deserving the fate of Hamom.       Two other
an English (ex-Cincinnati-an) architect called
Hamilton.     Rather a supple-souled mortal
I fancy.                     At work writing, in my
room at night.
  3.  Tuesday.   Bellew�s as heretofore.
A package of 40 cuts from Andrew, with proofs.
(They had better remained in Boston till the
completion of the rest.)            A letter from
Boutcher.         He has had an interview with
Barnum touching his Ninevah-panorama
project, and obtained similar advice to mine.
  Much about his family affairs.  All in
a muddle.      The �old lady� selling her business
at a loss of � 800, despite her son�s advice,
one of Boutcher�s sister�s insisting on marrying
�a beast� � knowing him to be so � Jack
squandering his mother�s money as usual ��
and Boutcher comparatively aloof from home.
He talks project � ire and his presentments
that he�ll get married during this year.
  4.  Wednesday.  Bellew�s. (Work on wood
for Nick-nax.)
  {5.  Thursday       Each day drawing at Bellew�s;
  6.  Friday.       on the two latter staying
  7.  Saturday.       the whole day, returning to a
late) and high-dried, dinner at 7.        Much of the
time Bellew works beside me, sometimes, however,               
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