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Text for Page 166 [03-07-1857]

being absent down-town for the whole day.     He works
very rapidly, and does very much.          I like him.
He is the truest gentleman I have ever encountered.
And I could praise him discriminatingly, � were
I not very weary.     My health is shaken again,
and not a sun sets by on my deep, sad, dull,
heart aching despondency.               A letter from
Hannah � God bless her.      And one from Dil-
lon Mapother speaking of his success in life and
asking why I don�t write.                From the
Jewell�s I learn Waud makes $10 a day now.
Too busy to answer any letters I trow.
  8.  Sunday.   To Bellews in the morning
and returned to Bleecker Street with him.
Kelly and, afterwards, little Edge called in the
afternoon, the latter telling me how he had been
in the basement, where the fellows (Eytinge
and Cahill) had drunk up a quart of gin that
morning and Sol was perfectly insensible.   Little
Edge has got married to his Alsacian-milliner-
mistress and talks of nothing but his position
on the Herald and what he�s going to be.
  Haney and �Doesticks� are planning to buy
out the Picayune from Mrs Levison. (She, bye
the bye, has left this house for the congenial
home of the M�Geary�s.    They keep a boarding-
house, and Levison detested them.    Mrs L has,
also, disposed of most of her furniture to Mrs               
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