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Text for Page 168 [03-10-1857]

had designated the �Ledger� � of which Dyer is
literary foreman and bottle-washer �trash.�     I
know the Tribune was right in both cases,
and �twas only its pluck and honesty the trio
objected to.         It was exquisite to hear
these self complacent asses assume behind-the-scenes
airs, and cock themselves up above men like the
Tribune corps.       Uriah Heep would be a less of-
fensive acquaintance than Dyer.         One�s flesh crawls
to look at him.          How can Parton endure him?
knowing him as he does.                 To Spruce Street
wood-peckers & Picayune Office, where I found
Doesticks & Edge.        Walked up townwards with
the latter subsequently.           Drawing and writing
during the rest of the day.
  {11. Wednesday.       Over hauling P. N. Y. B. H. or
  12.  Thursday       drawing for Bellew.        At 27th
  13.  Friday{       Street sundry times.            Wrote
to Hannah.    Down town occasionally.
  14.  Saturday.   Down town to Post Office
&c.  Looked in at the �European� office.      Drawing
all day.              Met Wood, who spake of Sol�s
last Sunday�s drunkenness.
  15.  Sunday.   To Bellew�s in the morning.
  16.  Monday.  Overhauling P. N. Y. B H.   At
Bellew�s in the evening.
  17.  Tuesday .   Down town.    Writing &c.
Swinton called in the afternoon.               
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