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Text for Page 154 [08-16-1850]

              fumigation.   And Brown, at great length descanteth of his wooing; nar-
rating divers anecdotes of his lady-love. [words crossed out]
[words crossed out].    /     �Annie, why do you wear
a black bonnet for?� �Charley (very gravely and tenderly) � you should not
ask such questions, but since you have asked I�ll tell you. This bonnet
was originally of another color, but it has been dyed!�       Now there�s not
one girl in a thousand who�d say such a thing as that.      Again �She actually
had the cheek to tell me �If you had called this afternoon you would have found me
busy whitewashing.�     He�ll be very happy with her, I doubt not, and am
sure she deserves it.
  17. Saturday. To Duane Street; then to Atlas Office, and got the 
$5 for drawing. Then to �Life Office� to Badean, to Kirsteins � In
the afternoon to an advertising Architect.  Man with big feet, and Irish at
that, with an accent, and in a perfectly wild state.  Terms wouldnt
do.  To Badeans & � got paid! Eureka!         Called in at
Butlers, and walked partly the way back with Brown.        Evening
Joe called; out with him to Duane Street.  Walk with Hart &
Mapother.  Subsequently with the two latter looked in at the Partridge,
where Royal and Edwards were imbibing.
  18. Sunday.  Called at Clarkson Street.  Mary Ann very sick, and
has been so for some weeks.  Then to Duane, then back to dinner.
Reading Carlyle in the afternoon.        Evening, a Battery and Rabineau
lounge with Hunter and Mapother.  Bet with the latter.      Mr Hart
off for Philadelphia for a day.               
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