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Text for Page 169 [03-18-1857]

  18.  Wednesday.    To Bellews.    Returned.
Drawing all the dull, dreary, windy day.
  19.  Thursday.        A letter from George Clarke.
To Bellew�s twice.
   20.  Friday.     Met young Jerrold at Bellew�s
this evening.   A goodish looking furtive, secretive
sort of fellow, just returned from Nicaragua
and Walkerism.   I don�t think there�s anything
in him.       Bellew justifies his (Jerrold�s) running
away from his wife, saying she used to lick him.
  21.  Saturday.   Sent off cuts to Andrew.  Down
town considerably.   Hard up for money.
  22. Sunday.  To Parton�s, Haney joining
me after dinner.   All out for a long walk in
the afternoon, �Fanny� only about.     Called
unsuccessfully at Pounden�s in the evening.
  {23.  Monday.       Drawing and overhauling
  24.  Tuesday.}       P. N. Y. B. H.     Mrs Levison
came to the house.       Looks �very well�,  talks
�quite lovely� and appears generally taking stock
of her condition and content with it.          Poor old
  25.  Wednesday.      Met Richardson, the York-
shireman, fellow-boarder at Holts in 1850.   He
lives in Philadelphia and spake of Hart coming
on here in May.           Met little Mason, also, (hus-
band of Jane Gibson.)     Out of employ, talked of
writing for the newspapers(!)and going to England.               
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