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Text for Page 170 [03-26-1857]

  {26.  Thursday       Sickish, matagrabolized and
  27.  Friday}       nervous.    One of these days a
long ramble among Hoboken rocks, which did me
good.      I�m too tired to put down  matters, but
have much to think of.      Pounden called.
  28.  Saturday.   Down town twice amid the blind-
ing, choking dust-simoan of this never cleansed city.
Saw Bellew in the afternoon, walked up-town with
him and young Jerrold.
  29.  Sunday.     To Bellews, then per car, down-
town and to Brooklyn, at Pounden�s invitation.
Rawson Gill came over also.   A Mr and Mrs
Robert Bligh were present, he a good-humored
young Irishman, she a handsomish Irishwoman.   A
pleasant day; nice dinner, kindly folks, long
walk in the afternoon, cigars and a cheery glass
of rum and water.          Pounden�s baby a trump �
didn�t cry once all day.           He has taken a little
house, a block or so nearer to the ferry.
  30.   Monday.       Overhauling P. N. Y. B. H till
5, then a walk.          Work in the evening.
  31.  Tuesday.         A letter from Andrew.     To
Bellews, and down town with him by 1.    To Wells
and Webb, Pic Office &c, Masons�, then up-
town.      An enclosure from Andrew containing all the
proofs of the remaining cuts � save mine, which Bellew
has yet to draw.           They look very well.    To
Weed�s house in the evening.               
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