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Text for Page 171 [03-31-1857]

  The report about Allie Vernon�s lunacy � Mrs
Potter got it from Mrs Levison, who had it from her
husband � would seem false.      Sol Eytinge �keeps�
her, paying for her board at some establishment.
He designs leaving here � Mrs P supposes to com-
mence house keeping with his mistress.   Her child
is with her, also.                    Her former paramour and
Sol�s precursor (by one or two)      Watson the long-
necked, vulturous looking engraver has been doing
a new villany, as I read in the papers.            Some
extraordinary um-physiognomical individual let him
collect $2000 for him � with which he made off
to Philadelphia.    After being arrested and put in
the Tombs he has got out.             This last I learn
from the Jewell girls.   Mrs Sexton�s worthless dog of
a husband has been in the congenial employ of Watson.
And thus he has leant that Brainard got Knowledge
of Alf Waud�s doings through Watson, who was
somehow privy to it � as an incredible number of
people are.                      Haney �Doesticks� and
Bellew want to buy out Mrs Levison in the
Picayune.    She is content to let Haney, only, have
a share.                        Nothing but wooing going on at
our Boarding-House just now.           Our spinster
Miss Church, cousin to the Martins, but at feud
with them, Kentucky born, piqueing herself on her
dignity, self-respect and refinement &c, age pro-
bably 35; this tall, conversable, demi-French ��               
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