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Text for Page 172 [03-31-1857]

is going to get married to a supple, false-looking 
Italian, who Mrs Potter charitably declares �only
wants her money.� He�s here nearly all day, and
plays the guitar of evenings.              Leslie the long,
loud-voiced, whiskerless, self willed, wrong-headed,
obstinate Scotchman is philandering each evening
(and morning) with little Miss Brooks.  Physically
mentally, every way, there could not be a greater
contrast.    He though inclined to think it �wouldn�t
do� at first, is grown �spoony� anent the matter
now, and says he won�t lose sight of her.       She
is very �delicate�, good natured, innocent and desirous
to please.       She reads very much, is near-sighted,
light-haired and ingenous.         I like the little girl �
but such a match seems half preposterous.           Mrs
Brooks is a nice old lady � up to snuff, however,
as regards her daughter.     She has another here,
married, with two children and a husband.       A
son also.         They live up at Hudson.      Pleasant
people.           Patten, wife and boy, owe Mrs Potter
$200 for board.          He is �office-seeking�, to Albany
and back.               Mrs Gouverneur and progeny are
here still.        She flirts when she has an opportunity,
has herrings and brandy-and-water in her attic, is
always tattling herself into scrapes, and possesses
a sort of transparent cunning in small matters
at once funny and contemptible.     Her vivacious
temperament impels her to the utterance of loosely               
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