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Text for Page 173 [03-31-1857]

generous promises to her intimates, which she is
very chary of redeeming.     In order to get off
paying Miss Church a forfeit philo-pena, she promised
her a $100 wedding-dress; and exhibited great general
ship subsequently in never alluding to it.      She is
extraordinarily mean in minor matters.           I remem-
ber an instance of her asking Ellen Levison whether
she had not three cents, to pay for the child�s ride
in a city car, when in company with the woman.
  I have let the whole of this month slip by unchron-
icled; being exclusively grossed on my book, which
is now almost completely in type.        It was not, how-
ever, until close-upon the last week that I obtained
the last five or six ^|cuts| from Bellew, which are now in
Andrew�s hands, the compositors experiencing a tem-
porary delay in setting up the last two chapters in
consequence.    The detail of setting up was as follows.
After all sorts of writing to Andrew, stimulating Bel-
lew, calling on the Masons, and even telegraphing
to Boston, I had the satisfaction of conveying half
of the M.S. to a big iron building in Beekman St,
which I formerly visited when the �Humorous Poetry�
was being set up.        There I was put into communi-
cation with a Mr Mc Dougal, foreman to the estab-
lishment, he being not unlike a good-looking  copy               
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