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Text for Page 174 [04-30-1857]

of Hardin Andrews, whom I once knew.      In due time
� that is to say after a day or two�s additional delay
� I got �proofs�, which for the past three weeks
a boy has brought regularly to Bleecker St, at sun-
set, receiving them, revised and corrected on the
following morning.     Hence my whole time has been
spent, diurnally, in overhauling what M. S. remained
in my hands, adding to it, and, in many instances,
almost entirely re-writing it � and, nocturnally,
in correcting proofs.      But oh! the work implied in
the last!   The writing two, four, ten, thirteen addi-
tional lines to get a cut in, or over on another page,
the knocking out lines for a similar purpose.     The
afflictions connected with tail pieces!   The persistency
� of printers in knocking out capital letters, and my
parenthesises!          I have not been out o�doors one
evening, save on a Sunday, (when I visited the
Edwards� for the first time since the sickness of
Levison�s child) � being at revising till 11 or 12;
and of late generally winding up in Leslie�s room
over a toddy.           During this time I�ve had to
trench a capital in bank, which I�ve reduced to
$ 100.      I have worked very hard on this book,
and don�t know that I can better it by one word.
  Now to matters in general.     Our house is com,
paratively, empty.   The Brooks� have returned to
Hudson, with one exception, that of Foster, the husband
of the eldest daughter.         He is a clerk in a dry-goods               
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