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Text for Page 175 [04-30-1857]

store (wholesale, I believe) and given to lewd conver-
sation.         He remains principally, I opine, in order
to keep up an unbroken intimacy between Leslie, and
the family � touching �Nina.�    With that little girl
indeed our longitudinal Scotchman went very far in
philander-ation (if the word be allowable.)      They
always took breakfast together, at a later hour than
the other boarders, remaining together till 11 or so;
and had the parlor to themselves of evenings.   I
am sure that the girl is very kind and good and
innocent; and I think fond of him.          When
the family left he was quite thrown out of employ-
ment of evenings.    �Nina� as well as her mother
gave both myself and Leslie invitations to visit
them during the summer at Hudson, mine being
the first offered.              Of course there�s the usual
under current of boarding house tattle touching the
presumed lovers, and Mrs Gouverneur, with her
usual unlucky proclivity towards precipitating herself
into hot water, must needs visit Miss Sturgis
our �Grace Poole� and sit ridiculing and slandering
the innocent little girl for half an hour � she over-
hearing it all, in the next room, which happened to
be her mother�s.      I believe �Nina� cried about it;
of course she told Leslie, and subsequently myself.
The Scot was savage, and intimated his intention
of a row, subsequent to the Brooks� departure.
We saw them off, I going, on a dismally wet               
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