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Text for Page 176 [04-30-1857]

day, in a carriage with the little girl and a servant,
and Mrs Brooks and Foster following in another.
Leslie joined us at the wharf.          Well, he was
dismal for a day or two, and went out and got
drunk that night.           A week or so after the
promised row with Mrs Gouverneur came off.   Return-
ing from a Sunday morning at Bellews, I was (not)
much surprised of hearing her Billingsgating him over
the dinner-table.       He acted with more good sense than
I should have expected, considering his choleric tem-
per.      It appeared that he had �spoken to her� be-
fore, and a furious altercation had occurred in the
front parlor, during the greater portion of the forenoon.
At the supper table, Leslie not being present, Mrs G
came out in a denunciatory manner about him, and
offered $ 100 for his cow hiding.          Haney, Cahill,
Miss Church, Mrs Potter and myself were present.
Mr�s G in her desire to make partisans overdid the
matter altogether, as I saw by the impression created.
I said nothing, till she chose to assail me as a partisan
of the evening, when I put in a neat speech or two 
touching the $100 reward � intimating that any brave
who might be disposed to attempt it�s achievement
mightn�t get his money, as he couldn�t recover it legally.
It had the desired effect of �riling� her � rather.
Since then strict non-intercourse is the order of
the day; she having forbidden Rawson�s coming in to
my room, as he was prone to.                  Miss Church               
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