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Text for Page 177 [04-30-1857]

exists no danger under that denomination.     She has left
Bleecker Street and is married to her Italian admirer.
There are only Haney and myself occupants on the
attic floor of this house, now.    Mrs G and her
family, (two children and servant) who all pigged
in the opposite attic, have descended to the vacant
Levisonian rooms, which they design quitting, shortly,
for the country.             Mrs Patten is in high spirits
but poor health.     Her hippopotamus has got his ap-
pointment as Port Warden; and goes to his duties
every day.              Mrs Levison resides in New
York still, and has advertised the Picayune (not
naming it) for sale.      Haney, Thompson and Bel-
lew made her the offer of $5000 for it, $1000 or
$2000 to be paid down, the rest year by year.   She
was dissatisfied with this, principally in consequence
of an extreme prejudice she has formed against Thomp-
son, which she adheres to with thoroughly feminine
obstinacy.       She does not visit any more at this
house, having been cut by Mrs Potter,  Mrs
L had sold her furniture to Mrs P on the under-
standing that the latter might pay for it when conve-
nient, but she subsequently sold it again to the Mc
Geary�s.   Mrs P said little till it was carted off
and then spoke her mind.    Mrs L cried and there
was a general to do.             Eytinge and Cahill still
occupy the basement.        To my surprise Banks
has called upon me, and wanted to be friendly.               
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