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Text for Page 178 [04-30-1857]

Levison�s sister, a common servant like woman who,
it appears, assisted during his sickness and that
of the child sent in a bill to the widow for watching
her brother.          I have had a letter from Great-
batch, principally about their fencing in their farm.
Also one from Alf Waud, after a great gap
of a couple of months or so.  He is very busy and
apparently prosperous.    Talks of Stone coming to Bos-
ton in a new suit, �dove-colored over-coat lined with
pink satin,� to get money ($1500 he says) from his
father for his to be bride�s trousseau.        I suppose
Miss Dubois the fair Catskiller.           Will is working
in Boston still and � taking it easy.
  I have a letter from Hannah, describing her sis-
ter�s marriage to little Gazey.
  10.  Sunday.  With Cahill and Haney to Bel-
lews.    (He had burnt his hand rather severely
overnight, in experimenting with phosphorus apropos
of a novel suggestion for illuminated advertising.
Bonner of the Ledger came up to see him about
it.    I was there.)        An East River walk sub-
sequently, the three of us.     Drawing the rest of
the day, having to do Bellew�s �Picayune� work.
  11.  Monday.  To the Masons�, Beekman St,
Express Office,  Radway�s etc.    Saw the proesses               
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