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Text for Page 155 [08-19-1850]

              19. Monday.  Letter arrived from Barth.  Of his campaigning, also
some poetizing.        In-doors all day drawing.  Sketches of the
B�hoys, and B�hoy life.     Brown reading Pickwick.
  20. Tuesday.  In-doors all day, writing article to accompany
sketches.  Rain, drizze, lead-colored atmosphere out of doors.  Evening
Mapother called, and afterwards Joe; remained till 9.
  21. Wednesday.   To Post Office, sending off a newspaper
for Boutcher.  Called at Orrs, and Chapins, and at �Life Office.�
Then in at Book-store, and then Holts for a minute or so, meeting
Mr Greatbatch by the way.      Afternoon in doors.      Evening hurried down
after supper to Bangs & book auction, to try and purchase �Vanity Fair�
but was too late.  To Duane Street.  Stroll down Broadway with Hart
and Mapother, and Richardson.  In at the Book auction again, then to
Patons, Hudson Street, brandy smash and cigar and converse.
  22. Thursday.  Letters from home, from my mother
and Rosa. (Shortest time on record � not four week�s by three days. )
Naomi and Charles at Neithrop. George getting fat, and redding at his
meals.)       Writing �Sketches [word crossed out]� all day.   Fred came in
the evening.    A letter from M � (Tib�s married.)
  23. Friday.  Writing all day; � finished article.     Evening after a call
at Clarkson street, went to Duane.   With Mapother and a north of Ireland
man who had travelled twice round the world, to the old pier at Chamber
Street. Talk of Australia, of China, of the Cape and New Zealand.
(Hart and Martin there.)        Subsequently called in at Kirsteins, there two               
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