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Text for Page 179 [05-10-1857]

of electrotyping and stereotyping.      My book is almost
completely cast (electrotyped).                         Our house
is now almost untenanted of boarders, and under-
going internal repairs.     Mrs Gouverneur and lot
have taken flight up the Hudson.        Miss Church is
now Madame Andreotti, and resides with her hus-
band in St Mark�s Place.     Only the Patten�s remain
of the family boarders.     Our dinner is quite a select
meal, Mrs Potter, Patten, and myself constituting
the company.       Stone is in New York, getting
puffs in the papers for his Catskill lithograph,
and going on to get married.
  11.   Tuesday.     To the Masons.    My book will
be out in June.      To Radway�s, the Picayune Office.
Met Arnold and Cahill.           (Both had breakfasted
at our house.)   Leslie back from Philadelphia.
  12. Wednesday.   Uptown, meeting Bellew at Madi-
son Square.     Down town together, to Pic office &c.
Drawing for Nic nax at night till 12.
  13.  Thursday.    A day of unceasing rain.  Drawing
for Bellew, who came up in the morning.      In-doors
all day.      Foster in my room at night.
  The �European� is defunct.   I called there yesterday,
and saw Patterson and the Colonel.          Russell has
sunk upwards of $8000 on it.
  14.  Friday.   Down town in the afternoon.
  15.  Saturday.  To Post-Office, Radway�s, and
the Stereotypers in Beekman St.   In the evening               
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