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Text for Page 180 [05-15-1857]

called on Mr and Mrs Andreotti.
  16.  Sunday.      To Radway�s private residence
in Greenwich St, till noon, then to Brooklyn
and Pounden�s; returning by 12.
  To the close of the Month.     Principally en-
gaged in writing and illustrating an �Autobiography
of a Stomach� for Radway, which I have comple-
ted.    He is mighty well pleased with it, will pay
$70 or $80, and designs publishing it in pam-
phlet form as an advertisement.          There is yet
another delay of three weeks before my book will
appear; the Masons doing things with refreshing
coolness.   �Tis good discipline, however, and edi-
fying to observe how one�s superfluous enthusiasm
gets taken out of one, when in contact with
the intervening details.     These publishers � neither
better nor worse than their class � are always on
an imaginary dais above the men who produce
the wares they deal in.    As an offset to the hope
and conceit, which they, coarsely enough, involunta-
rily attribute to authors, they assume a respectable
indifference calculated to prove exquisitely irritating
to a proverbially sensitive class.    You are always
supposed to be under obligation to them for having
published your book, even if you have put a few
thousands into their pockets thereby. (I remark this
in their allusions to Parton�s �Greeley� � which they
wanted to emasculate � and Fanny Fern�s books.)               
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