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Text for Page 183 [05-31-1857]

now, occupying my old room, I the one adjoining.
Sol Eytinge has taken a little house in Brooklyn,
where he lives with �Allie Vernon� as his concubine.
His brother, young Clarence knows of the affair, as
he met me in Broadway and began talking of it.
Alf Waud doesn�t write to me.       Dillon has sent
me a letter.         Mrs Jewell and her daughter have
left Greene Street, and gone to the country, near
Yonkers.             I visit M. and Madame Andriotti
occasionally.  The ex-Miss Church is very jolly indeed,
and fetched cigars that I might sit smoking in the
balcony with her husband, last Sunday evening.  Divers
Cuban boarders were there, and some young ladies �
one a very plump bare-armed one.           We have no new
boarders in our house as yet, it being more than half-
empty, and the painters yet at work.                I�ve been
reading Kingley�s noble story �Two Years Ago� and am
now at Mrs Gaskell�s life of Charlotte Bront�.      Fos-
ter is here still, going up the Hudson to wife and
family on Saturdays, to return on Mondays. 
He and Leslie antagonize, inevitably.     If the former
were left behind to secure the latter as a brother-in-
law, it was a beautiful bit of stupidity, as he has
just done as much involuntarily mischief to the (impro-
bable) match, as might be effected.               
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