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Text for Page 184 [05-31-1857]


  I have called on Royal the gold-beater.     He is preposterous,
and his sons sturdy fellows.           Met O�Brien up
at Bellew�s one morning, and he spoke of there being
a warrant out against him, in consequence of one of a 
party of fellows, with whom he was dining, having emptied
a chamber pot out of window upon some ladies who
were passing in Broadway! ��                 Hart and
Dillon will probably visit New York next month.
  I have a recent letter from Hannah � God
bless her! � kinder, truer and honester is there
none, even in dear old England.       I�ll try to
deserve her and her love.
  Richard Bolton is in Canada by this time.
He started on the 6th of this month, for Mont-
real, per Anglo Saxon steamer.      George and
the Conworths follow in July or August.
  1.  Monday.    Did two drawings for �Nic nax�,
then to �Pic� office with them.   Bellew there.    To
Wells and Webbs for wood.       Uptownwards.  Rain
storm.  Stood up for an hour, met Stone,
dined together at Taylors.         Writing at night.
Haney gone to visit Sol in Brooklyn � stayed all               
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