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Text for Page 185 [06-01-1857]

night � funny!
  2.  Tuesday.   Drawing cuts for Stomach Au-
tobiography all the morning.  Down town by 4.   Met,
severally Davis and little Mrs Dobson. (She spake
of Damoreau and Alf Waud still owing her money.)
To Radaway�s, and Post Office.      Met Edwards pere.
Called unsuccessfully at Bellews in the evening, and
subsequently dropped into Latto�s store, where I found
Leslie.  /                   Mrs Gouverneur and her family �
the three � dropped in after dinner on Mrs Potter and
sponged a dinner, subsequently disputing what sum was owing
by her.      I never met a woman more exquisitely mean,
and capable of more shabby doings.    She takes interest
on little sums of money advanced to Mrs Potter; always
sponges for meals on her visits, and even when boarding
at other houses.          If she have purchased anything which
she aftwards dislikes, it is always Mrs Potter who
ought to take it off her hands.     She sends the boys
to borrow quarters, forgetting to repay the loans.    I
remember her referring a porter who had conveyed her
baggage from the railroad dep�t, to the hotel she was
going to for a shilling or so � indubitably in the hope
that the clerks would cash up and forget to remind
her of so small a sum.        She wanted to know if Les-
lie couldn�t supply a cheaper tea than thirty cent tea
� for her servants.  (He meditated putting Latto up
to sprinkling the execrable trash with cayenne pepper, or
coffee, so that the slaveys would revolt, and the               
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