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Text for Page 186 [06-02-1857]

�tea� prove a bad investment. /       I have heard her say
that she�d rather have her brother in law die than
get married � as he ought to leave his property to May.
Which little beast, on her entrance to day in the front
parlor immediately inquired �What kind of pie have
you got for dinner, Mrs Potter?�
  3.  Wednesday.   Drawing awhile, then down
town to Radways. After wasting two hours and
a half, hither and thither, got a check for $20.
Came home to a clammy dinner splenetic and sulky.
(Ought to have got $50 or $70.)        To Bellew�s
in the evening with Cahill.       Slow time.   Rain and
cars.        In Leslie�s room with him and Foster.
The former half drunk (and talking of the Almighty.)
  4.  Thursday.  Drawing till 4.      Then
down town.     To the Picayune Office.   Haney &
Cahill both there and, presently, Arnold.     Gaylor
came in with a note which he gave to Haney.    (It in-
timated that Mrs Levison had, to-day, made the
paper over to him, Gaylor.     He pays nothing, but pro-
mises to pay her an income, out of proceeds.    She will
lose all, like a fool as she is.           Poor old Levison!
How hard you worked for this asinine result!       So
much for distrust and suspicion, and short-sighted
greed!)           All out to have lager.      To Bleecker
en triumvirate.         Drawing at night.  Finished cuts
(33) to story.         I began �em on Friday.    Writing.
  5.  Friday.   Down town, with Leslie, to his               
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