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Text for Page 187 [06-05-1857]

by the way � he going to Philadelphia.     To bank
for Radway�s $20, then to the R. R. R. Office.
Told him I wanted the remaining $50.  Promised that
I should have it by Monday.        To Picayune Office.
Doesticks there.   With him and Haney to M�ller�s
studio about medallion portrait of Thomson.   Rhine
wine and M�ller�s works.     The three of us to dinner
at Bleecker St.     Bellew came in the evening.    All having
pipes in Haney�s room.     Writing subsequently.
  6.  Saturday.   Down town to Radway�s, Pica-
yune Office &c, and in the afternoon.   Got another
  7.  Sunday.  Rainy all the morning and damp
throughout the day.   Thompson came.    With him and Ha-
ney to Brooklyn, and with the latter to Parton�s. /
Gaylor breaking his appointment with Mrs Levison on Sat-
urday, she has, definitely, sold the paper to Wilbur
and Thompson, the latt former finding the money �
$3000, half to be paid down, the rest secured on mort-
  8.  Monday.   To Bellews, and down town in the
afternoon, with article for Radwy.    Wet weather.
  {9.  Tuesday.       Miserably wet weather.  Down
  10.  Wednesday.}       town and writing.    To Hannah;
and Dillon Mapother.   Got a letter from Alf
  {11  Thursday to       Writing, on stories and made
  13.  Saturday}       one drawing.       Hither and thither,               
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