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Text for Page 188 [06-13-1857]

up and down town.  Got a note from W. Conworth,
(in answer to one I sent him) containing Dick Bolton�s
address, and wrote to him.       One evening at St Mark�s
Place visiting the Andreotti�s.  Introduced to an excee-
dingly plump, vivacious and free and easy Miss Levi,
who sang brilliantly.      At the Masons and saw Dan,
the minor, Lowel being travelling out West.   The mi-
nor was dogmatic on the question of how the cuts looked
when printed, insisting � not that black was white � but that
gray was black.         Printers have a weakness that way
in relation to wood cuts.            Met Kelly who spake of Dil-
lon and Hart�s expressed intention of being in New York
before this.     Two days of lovely weather, dampish towards
nightfall.           Got $15 more from Radway.      A row
between Foster and Leslie growing out of �prrrrsonalities�
on the part of the latter, and merging subsequently into 
a talk about Miss Brooks.        Foster, in pursuance
of his r�le of brother in law in future had on the
previous night been expressing his surprise to Leslie
that he didn�t write to �Nina�, she was always inqui-
ring why he didn�t come to Hudson &c.        Now the
longitudinal Scotchman returned from Philadelphia
with the miniature of a [words crossed out]
[words crossed out] girl in his pocket, which he brought up into
my room one night, and kissed.     He was half in
earnest and slightly drunk.    On the next day he
showed me an idiotic and clumsily worded letter of his
composition, which he had given the girl before her               
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